Recognizing & Empowering Entrepreneurial Success

REES Capital Services

Many young companies in the idea or startup phase simply cannot afford to hire a team of seasoned executives. Instead, entrepreneurs turn to people they know and trust - often friends or family - who are willing to take a lower salary and share the risk in order to achieve the rewards that equity can bring. In fact, this is often the only option entrepreneurs have for building an executive team while in a startup mode. There is a great energy that comes from having a team of executives who are passionate enough to put their skin in the game - a team that is willing to take an idea, believe in it, develop it and create a business around it. What better way to empower these entrepreneurs then by giving them access to a team of seasoned advisors who can provide guidance that will help them to take their growing business and turn it into a thriving, profitable company?

REES Capital provides just that. We have been there. We have walked in the entrepreneur's proverbial shoes and have been through the struggles of learning things for the first time. We have been that team that didn't know what they didn't know until we learned it the hard way. We have been through the bumps and the bruises; the endless hours and sleepless nights; the fears of being able to make a payroll; the challenge of trying to write the perfect business plan; the battle to get investors to put their faith in them; the pains of hiring and firing and trying to assemble the perfect team; the efforts required to take a new technology to market; and the stress of scaling a business from 50 people to over 1,600 people - we have been through it all, we have learned the lessons, and we came out on the other side successfully. We took a small startup company that was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and turned it into a $377 million dollar exit. Now we want to take everything we have learned and use it to help others.

REES Capital's team is here to help entrepreneurs. We will help them grow their business and take it to the next level. Our services include ADVISING and ANGEL INVESTING our own money to help businesses thrive.

Business and Financial Strategy:

  • Assistance with financial modeling for your business with a 1-3 year budget, financial forecast, and cash flow projection
  • Business growth and planning
  • Introductions to our contacts and assistance with networking
  • Introductions to trusted professional service providers
  • Raising capital
  • Mergers & acquisitions

Human Resources Strategy:

  • How to build and manage a great executive team
  • Recruiting and hiring strategy and processes
  • How to deal with hiring and firing
  • HR compliance tracking solutions
  • Employee communication tools
  • How to create a corporate culture

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

  • Marketing strategies for even the smallest budgets
  • Brand creation and brand management
  • Search Engine Optimization and online marketing
  • Operations soft selling, cross selling, and up-selling
  • Customer relations and client retention
  • Sales team building
  • Strategic partners and reseller channels

Product Development and Technology Strategy:

  • User-Interface software design
  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Buy versus build decisions
  • Taking technology to market Ė— software commercialization

Contracting and Compliance

  • Legal resource recommendations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract management and compliance tracking for client and vendor contracts

Our team consists of executives with over 60-plus years of combined business experience. Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork for entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses. We have walked in their shoes. We have learned the hard lessons and we have been blessed to achieve great success of our own. We want to help grow the best ideas with the smallest amount of capital in the shortest amount of time, while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

At REES Capital we Recognize & Empower Entrepreneurial Success!


In Partnership with the IPOP Foundation, mentoring services may be provided. We would meet with you to talk through your idea or business and offer advice and input, and suggest ideas for what direction we feel will be most successful.


As an advisor we provide time, expertise, and connections, as well as opening doors and making introductions to potential investors, clients, and service providers. This service is performed for a combination of cash and equity that is equivalent to hiring a single seasoned executive with the benefit of utilizing our entire team.

Angel Investing

We are looking to angel invest our own capital into promising companies with investment size ranging between $25,000 to $2 million per investment.